Label printing

Today, with increasing levels of education in societies, manufacturers are required to provide detailed information of their products and the best way to do this, is to insert information on the goods.

Therefore, use of information label on each product is considered one of the requirements for marketing a product.  Depending on the product, consumers and conditions, labels have different profiles.

Bahar pouyan Sepahan printing complex is equipped with machines for label printing and is prepared to provide the following types of labels.


  • Metal and metallized label

    Metal and metallized label

    This type of label has suitable adhesiveness for affixing on industrial parts, different types of glass, plastic and metal. Due to the high resistance of these labels against stretch and their ability to maintain quality at 40 to 220+ Celsius degrees, scratch-resistant and waterproof quality, resistance against a variety of acid washers and easy washing, they can be used for household appliances, audio-visual devices, industrial parts, as well as fancy and food, commodities including Delester.

  • PVC label

    PVC label

    PVC labels are provided in a variety of matte, glossy and semi-glossy types with adhesion qualities. These labels have different applications and high resistance in acidic and basic environments, direct sunlight, and humid atmospheres. In addition, these labels can tolerate different temperatures without degradation, and are resistant to stretching and tearing. These labels are replaceable without leaving any adhesive marks and also enjoy high stability, therefore they are very suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories and packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and so on.

  • Glassy labels

    Glassy labels

    As the name implies, this label is colorless and transparent, and the printings on both sides of that will be quite clear. The main applications of this type of label include attachment on windshields, machineries, stores in general, and attachment on glass, in general, and also on warranty cards of electronic products. Glassy labels have high resistance to stretch and tearing. These labels are available in a variety of matte and white colors, in different sizes with different cuttings, and printing in various colors.

  • Metal-back label

    Metal-back label

    Having much more adhesiveness and appropriate flexibility compared to other labels, Metal-back labels are widely used in machinery and greasy surfaces and textile industries.

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