Bahar pouyan Sepahan printing company

Sepahan Baharpoyan printing company first started its work in printing, packaging and publishing industry in 1337, and now, with more than half a century of experience and use of the most advanced machines in the world and specialists and qualified staff, is at the service of printing, packaging and publishing industry of this country.

Bahar pouyan Sepahan printing company is the provider of printing services, packaging of various medical, cosmetic, and hygienic materials and book publications, and also the executive of security and bill printing projects for organizations and government agencies throughout the country, and also in Isfahan province.


Why Bahar pouyan Sepahan printing complex?

One of the main advantages of the complex compared to its competitors, is provision of all the pre-printing, printing, and post-printing services altogether to customers which above from acceleration of printing processes, leads to improved quality and suitability of cost prices for the customer. Taking advantage of the high expertise and experience of its managers and executives, and the use of latest technology and machineries in the world, Sepahan Baharpoyan printing complex tries to deliver high-quality products in accordance with the international standards customer preferences, in addition, customer-orientation has always been the most important goal of this complex. Since this complex has chosen best quality as the forefront of his work, it managed to equip and distribute after-printing services in a very short time, and achieve significant progress and growth in development pre-printing, printing, and post-printing equipment and facilities. Currently, this complex gives remarkable services in a vast space of about 4000 square meters, in order to provide increasingly better advertising and print projects and meet the market needs. With an active and continuous history, this integrated complex has been providing creative and innovative services in the printing industry for more than half a century.  


Design can be considered the primary and the most important part of any printing project, since the best-equipped machinery prints what they have received, therefore, presence of professional designers, familiar with the most recent knowledge and customer preferences, is inevitable.

Only an experienced and tasteful designer can depict all obvious and hidden angles of an idea such that the viewer can discover the subject matter with a single look on it and also discover new points of the idea by looking at the design over and over again. 

Bahar pouyan Sepahan printing complex is not an exception in this regard and with an experienced, young and professional staff of designers, as well as access to many high-quality archives, is ready to create new and various designs by satisfying the customers.


Pre-print section

The Pre-print section, is equipped with modern digital devices such as Image setter and Plate setter to provide direct output of zinc and zinc burner. This allows for faster and higher quality service to the clients.


Print section

Bahar pouyan Sepahan printing complex, with access to the most experienced professionals and the latest technologies of printing industry worldwide as well as using various devices and the best quality ink and raw materials, and consumer requirements, is able to provide customers with the best quality printing on paper and cardboard. The company is equipped with 6, 2, and 1 color offset machinery, online UV and Water base coating system. This company is the first to install UV ink HIBRID offset machine for printing on metallize surfaces in Isfahan.


Post- printing

In the process of post-printing operations, Bahar pouyan Sepahan printing complex with access to advanced hot foil printing machinery made by foil star factories, embossing facilities, 4 automatic die cutting lines and 3 full lines of carton gluing, including straight line, lock buttom , rectangular, and hexagonal boxes, is ready to provide customers with different services. The company has for the first time installed and launched the folding carton gluing machine capable of gluing 8 points of cartons.

1 fully automatic silk screen printing line for sandy and embossed local UVs, and 1 cylinder UV printing device are among the post-printing devices for this company

2 fully automatic 10-cell and 16-cell magazine-production machine lines consisting of setters, puncher, binder and cutters of the most prestigious brands in the world including Horizon and CP Bourg,  in  A3 and A3+ format are up and running in this company.


This complex is the first to install the platesetter machine with press tech brand that has special features and higher performance compared to other platesetter machines available on the market.

This type of platesetter uses negatives Zincs which have very high circulations compared to positive zincs, and the zinc does not need to burn. In addition this device acts as a printer and therefore requires no washing machine, this machine is protector of the environment and doesn’t eliminate the gelatin on the zinc. The zincs of this machine which are known as Processor less known zincs, are different and peculiar to this device alone. The delivery rate of each plate in this device is one Zinc in every 2 minutes,

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